Vertebrate Zoology Collection Database

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The records in this database were transcribed from handwritten catalogs held in each VZ division; most have not yet been proofed for errors or verified against the collections. Outdated scientific names currently recorded in the database ultimately will be standardized in accordance with accepted authorities for each discipline. Such standardization is a work in progress and for the time being, many specimens are listed under synonyms of currently accepted names. Similarly, much of the locality data has not yet been standardized and many records contain outdated geographic names or partial information. To learn about the current status of standardization efforts please contact the appropriate collection manager or curatorial associate.

Data for all cataloged specimens housed in the Herpetology, Ichthyology, Mammalogy, and Ornithology collections are included in this database.

Search results obtained herein are intended to provide individual researchers with information about available holdings in the areas of their interest. Such information should not be used as a primary data source and may not be incorporated into institutional databases. It is incumbent upon the researcher to verify the data and identifications associated with specimens. Terms and Conditions for database use are available here.